Where I Found This Glamorous Gown At 98% Off

I love high-end items. I also love a good deal. When those two loves converge, style miracles happen. I walked into Gordmans recently and found a huge stash of Halston Heritage gowns. These dresses were marked down from over $400 to under $10! $10 for a glamorous gown? Yass!

I don’t know how Gordmans merchandisers do it, but they negotiate their buys at such low prices. Gordmans is a regular Visit-Internet sponsor (see some of my favorite collabs with them here, here, and here), and I shop there all the time because of amazing finds like the dress I’m sharing today.

glamorous gown

What I’m wearing:

Halston Heritage dress | | | Face: (#26)

Lip: | Eyes:

glamorous gown

I chose this Halston Heritage printed one-shoulder gown. It’s such a glamorous gown! It was marked down from $425 to $9.98 in Gordmans. I was convinced that the decimal point got transposed. When I checked out, though, the dress rang up even lower at only $7.99.

glamorous gown

This dress caught my attention because of its asymmetric flounce drape, above-leg split, and the tie at the shoulder. The style gave me Grecian goddess vibes. This photo shows the dress worn as is.

I hoped my with its signature green and red stripe would add a nice touch to this dress. It did.

I experimented with some new beauty products when preparing for this shoot. My foundation is the newly-released. I’m wearing Medium Deep 26, which is a perfect match. At $68, this foundation is a tad pricey. I love the finish of the product. I also love that I don’t feel like I’m wearing anything on my face.

Location: Soldiers Memorial Military Museum, St. Louis

How To Wear A Blazer The Summer Way

Blazers are a huge trend in 2019! Enter the summer heat. True, it’s hot but you can still rock the blazer trend when done right. I’ve shared a fabulous shorts suit set here. Today, it’s all about a super lightweight, all-over stripe, statement-sleeve, summer blazer. And, get this. It looks and feels super luxe, but retails for only $39.

summer blazer

What I’m wearing:

c/o | | Pants (, ) |  () |

summer blazer

You can find the coolest items at small boutiques. And, since many of them have online stores, access is greater than ever. I connected with the owner of Renee’s Touch, a boutique based in Boston. She got my full attention when she said she’d be launching an island collection in early summer. Hands down, my favorite item in that collection is this blazer, which she so sweetly dubbed “.”

summer blazer

I’d been eying a for a minute. A blazer like this one has so much to love. It’s made of a lightweight cotton blend, which makes it a breeze to wear during the summer. It has stripes. By the way, I’m wearing it in navy/cream stripes, but it’s also available in a taupe/cream option. And, the sleeves! The Juliette sleeves (puff sleeves that taper tightly at the bottom) on this beauty make me feel fancy when I wear it.

summer blazer

For size reference, I’m wearing the blazer in a size small. It’s a available in small, medium, and large, in both color options.

summer blazer

I’ve been wearing my summer blazer with summery whites. I used it to top off a basic tube top from H&M and some white joggers I got from Zara. I completed the look with my snake print slingbacks. This outfit would be fabulous with white sneakers too (see my current favorite pair ).

Stay tuned to see how I style the blazer with another 2019 trend–cycling shorts.

Location: Rise Coffee, The Grove. St. Louis.

Affordable All White Outfits For All Occasions

All-white party in your near future? I got you. Today’s post will round up some fabulous all white outfits that’ll be perfect for any occasion this summer. First, I’m sharing a jumpsuit that I simply had to grab for myself. Then, at the end, the widget shares a curated list of all-white party options.

All White Outfits

What I’m wearing:

c/o | | c/o |  (similar) |

All White Outfits

When the occasion calls for all white, I always opt for a one piece wonder. And, y’all, when I saw this jumpsuit with all its dramatic ruffles, I had to have it. And, I know, it looks expensive. But, it’s not! This beauty retails for only $54.

All white outfits

This jumpsuit is my first item from . I relied heavily on the size chart to determine my size. I’m glad I did, too, because I’d often just order a small, but I definitely needed a medium.

I was immediately smitten by the ruffles on the bodice of this dress. 2019 is the year to be a little extra with your style, and this jumpsuit gets that.

I’m always here for a sexy plunging neckline as well. The jumpsuits gives us a double v-neckline. It dips in the back too.

Location: Washington University in St. Louis

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High-Low Print Mixing: Florals and Stripes

Since finding my new favorite skirt (see the beautiful polka dot number here) in Tarjay, I’ve been keeping a closer eye on fashion there. I’m glad, too, because this latest floral dress find was the perfect option for an event campaign I had to shoot (details on that ) recently. I loved the juxtaposition of wearing a very feminine dress to a brewery. Besides, this dress is gorgeous and screams summer-perfect.

floral dress

What I’m wearing:

| |

When I first saw the dress, I knew immediately that I wanted to create a mixed print moment with my . I’ve had fun exploring the many style possibilities popping the belt over print dresses creates (see examples here, here, and here). This combination was another winner.

floral dress

By the way, did you notice the ? I featured them in a round-up on clear sandals (see all my favorites here). This pair had been on backorder for a while, but they’re finally here and they were totally worth the wait.

Back to the dress. It’s a midi style with long sleeves. I’m wearing the frilled sleeves pulled up, which creates a lovely short puff sleeve. The dress is an off-the-shoulder style. Wondering about sizing? It fits true to size. I’m wearing a size 4.

Location: Urban Research Brewery, The Grove, St. Louis

floral dress

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How To Make Your Old Winter Coat Feel New Again

I kid you not. Today’s featured winter coat is over 7 years old. It remains a favorite that I reach for often. It’s such a standout coat, though, that I like to make sure that I’m making it look and feel fresh every time I wear it. Today, I’m sharing 3 tricks for making that happen.


What I’m wearing:

 (under $30) | | Pumps (, ) | Tracy Reese Coat (old, )

1. Play with color

As you can imagine, I was drawn to this particular coat because of its colorful stripes. It’s especially fun, then, to play with color when rocking this topper. In this look, I’m teasing out the fuchsia color in the coat with my color blocked fuchsia and purple ensemble.

Talking about playing with color, this entire week on the blog will be dedicated to fun color combinations, so come back to check out all the posts.

2. Skip the scarf

Scarves are sometimes necessary, but they potentially draw attention away from a fab coat. My coat, in particular, has a striking funnel neck I like to show off. Turtlenecks are great options, then, when you plan to go sans scarf. By the way, this gorgeous is only $29! I’m wearing it in a size small, but I think I could get an even better fit by sizing down to the extra small. It’s very stretchy.

3. Cape it

Why wear it when you can drape it? Draping your coat over your shoulders, when it’s warm enough to do some comfortably, makes any coat (and outfit) look infinitely cooler.

For more tips on giving new life to an old favorite winter coat, see 6 super chic ways to style your coat.

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