10 Thoughtful, Fabulous Gifts For Your Traveling Friend

Exploring the world this holiday season? Know a friend who’s traveling? The travel gifts in this holiday gift guide were carefully selected to make life on the road easier, all while being super stylish. They’d…

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2018 In Style: Hats Off To A Fabulous Year

Hats off to you and this fabulous year. In 2018, hats continued to play a major role in my style. Some of my most popular looks were topped by hats. My go-to hat style is a…

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10 Genius Gift Ideas All Under $40

In a major rush to get a gift but want it to impress? I got you covered, girl. The genius gift ideas in this holiday gift guide are just that–genius. From top notch products we…

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2018 In Style: The Process Of Curating Images

As we move closer to the end of 2018, I’ve decided to dedicate a few posts to reflecting on the year. The plan is to share some of my favorite moments and your favorite moments…

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The Best Statement Coats For Your Holiday Shindig

This post is sponsored by Kindred. Coats have an important job–keeping us warm when it’s cold out in these streets. Since they’re also the most visible part of our outfits this time of year, they…

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