Pink and Red: Color Clash or Amazing Analogy?

Since receiving my September 2011 issue of Marie Claire magazine, I’ve been quite fascinated with the seemingly odd pairing of pink and red. So, when Sarah Jessica Parker appeared in NYC a week ago sporting…

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В интеренете нашел важный сайт , он описывает в статьях про чистка лица киев

Looking Back, Looking Forward

Looking Back, Looking Forward is back.  I started the Looking Back, Looking Forward series in 2007 because I think it’s always important to take stock.  And, Wednesday, the middle of the work week, seemed like…

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Missoni for Target: Almost Gone in St. Louis Stores

Since moving to the US in 1998, I’ve always lived in cities that are usually excluded from the fashion world maps—Wichita Falls, TX; Lexington, KY; and now, St. Louis, MO for a second time. If…

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How to Find Affordable Bras for a Larger Chest

[By Camala Greene] My name is Camala and I wear a 36F.  If you also have a larger chest then you know that as your cup size increases, it becomes more difficult to find a good-fitting…

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How to Wear Leggings to Work

I often have difficulty finding pants that fit and are comfortable.  Leggings, then, provide a great refuge because they so easily stretch over everything—hips, thighs, the stomach, you name it.  So, on days when I don’t…

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