Visit-Internet Featured in Atlanta Post

I am popping in real quickly to share some exciting news. Visit-Internet was featured in an Atlanta Post article yesterday! The article explored the idea of being frugal and fabulous and also featured fellow…

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Перевозка квартиры
Поддержка интернет магазина

Off-Price Retail Shopping in NYC: TJ Maxx and Marshalls

I often hear people talk about becoming frustrated when shopping in off-price retailers because of what’s described as overwhelming numbers of racks and inventory to sift through. Once you become familiar with the basic floor…

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Off-Price Retail Shopping in NYC: Burlington Coat Factory

I usually don’t visit Burlington Coat Factory stores. But, I stumbled into a local store in Lexington recently and was surprised by the store’s selection of dresses by Nine West, Taylor, and Calvin Klein. I…

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Off-Price Retail Shopping in NYC: Filene’s Basement

On my recent trip to NYC, I planned to visit as many off-price retailers as I could. By the end of my trip, I had been to 13 discount department stores: 2 Daffy’s stores 3…

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Definitely Daffy’s

When I was younger, I often spent my summers in NYC visiting family. Back then, I lived in St. Kitts, and clothing was extremely expensive there because most of it was imported. So, these trips…

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