Get In On The Leopard Print Trend With These Dresses

I’m super excited about the animal print trend this fall. Leopard prints have been my go-to ‘neutrals’ for years. And, the cool thing about ’em? Leopard prints make quite a statement as well. I’ve written a couple posts this season already (read about easing leopard print into your style and check out these cool leopard prints styles available right now). Today, the spotlight is on leopard print dresses.

What I’m wearing:

| | Trench coat (sold out, , ) | (option) |

Eyes:  | Lip: (66)

I found today’s featured at Nordstrom. I wore it to a fashion show last weekend, so I thought I’d share how I styled it as well as the other dresses I considered before purchasing this one.

This dress comes with a self-tie belt. To jazz it up a bit, I decided to rock it with my  instead. The combination was a huge hit because the shades of green and red in the belt beautifully accent the leopard print. You know what else looks fabulous with leopard? Mustard (see here)!

For reference, I’m wearing the in a size 8. I initially ordered the size 6, but it was too small on the bottom (like gaping buttons small). As a pear shape, that is a common issue for me.

I was drawn to this particular dress because of the color of the leopard print as well as the classic and sexy shirtdress silhouette.

Want to see the other styles I considered before purchasing this dress? Check out the widget below.

Location: Grand Center, St. Louis

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12 Fresh Ways To Wear The Classic White Shirt

No doubt. The classic white shirt is an uncontested style hero. In an outfit rut? Start your look with a white shirt. Need a refined look? Start with a white shirt. Feel like rocking something sexy? Start with a white shirt. No matter your style needs, a white shirt can always be a part of the solution. I realized that a long time ago, and I’ve practically been collecting white shirts over the years. Here are 12 fun ways to wear one.

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classic white shirt

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How To Wear A Power Red Jumpsuit Right Now

I’m beyond thrilled with fall’s color trends. There are a few non-traditional, bold hues expected to be popular. I’m especially excited to see poppy reds get lots of love. I’ve even been shopping for a wear-everywhere red jumpsuit. You know, that jumpsuit you can wear out with the girls or to a gala event.

When I first encountered today’s featured jumpsuit, I knew it could be the one. It has a strapless sweetheart neckline that’s beautiful as is and also perfect for layering. The fabric is a light-mastered velvet that looks luxe but is not too plush to dress down.  Here’s one way I’d wear it.

red jumpsuit

| | |

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What You Need To See In The Popsugar At Kohl’s Collection

I haven’t visited a Kohl’s store in ages. News of the piqued my interest though. Popsugar is a leading lifestyle brand and publisher for women, so I imagined they’d bring something fresh and stylish to Kohl’s. Who What Wear at Target has been such a huge success. Will this Popsugar Collection follow suit?

The  is currently available online and in-store. It launched earlier this month, filled with wardrobe essentials. The editors at Popsugar aimed to create a collection of items women would want to wear every day. They even drew inspiration from the everyday styles of their staff members and editors.

And, the price point? I find the prices a tad steep for basics at Kohl’s. Dresses and jumpsuits, for example, start at $68. In comparison, Who What Wear dresses are usually under $40 at Target.

I’m absolutely smitten with the . I’ve been shopping for something similar. If you’re shopping for basics, here are the best items in the Popsugar collection. Everything is already on sale too.

popsugar collection

| |

| |


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Why A Midi Dress Is The Perfect Fall Frock

There’s something so sophisticated about a midi length dress. A midi dress is also the perfect transitional piece, taking you from summer to fall with ease. I’m just going to call it, I think these longer length dresses are the perfect fall frocks. And, here’s why.

fall midi dress See original post | shop the dress under $30

1. Midi dresses look equally fabulous with sandals and boots.

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2. A longer dress with an open front can easily service as a duster.

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3. Midi dresses are perfect for layering, both under and over.

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