2 Fresh Ways To Wear Your Favorite Jeans This Holiday Season

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Chances are you own a pair of cropped, wide-legged denim. If you don’t, you absolutely should because the right pair can be super flattering. They’re also quite versatile. I’m sharing how I’m styling one pair two different ways this holiday season. Holiday jeans style will take the pressure off getting ready for all the events of the season.

One of my style goals for the rest of the year is to add a few unique treasures to my wardrobe. To find these gems, I’m planning to do more shopping on the local boutique scene. As always, I’ll be sharing the journey with you. The good news is that boutique shopping just got easier in St. Louis since opened. Kindred (read more here) is a collective boutique featuring 7 different boutiques. So, with one stop to its , I have access to the merchandise of SEVEN boutiques.

holiday jeans style

What I’m wearing:

Juju B’s cardigan via | Juju B’s jeans via

Addie & Ains earrings via  | | Pumps () |

If you’re in St. Louis, Kindred is a must-shop this holiday season. Want proof? This top from featured boutique Juju B’s! I tried this top on in-store and immediately started dancing. I only break out the happy dance when my imagination runs wild with style ideas. And, the styling opportunities this dramatic shirttail offers are plentiful.

You can let the shirttail hang in all its glory as I did above. Or, you can tie it for an even edgier vibe.

I slipped on some glitter pumps and some bright earrings (from Addie and Ains, another Kindred boutique), and I was ready for some holiday fun.

Location: South City, St. Louis

When it gets too cold for the styling above, here’s how I rock my denim culottes.

What I’m wearing:

Juju B’s top via | Juju B’s jeans via

Addie & Ains earrings via  | |  |

Long cardigans are style heroes this fall and winter. And, this color blocked style by Juju B’s in Kindred is stunning. It’s the perfect piece to cozy up in when it gets cold, and it pairs beautiful with denim.

Once I added the long cardigan, all I needed were some booties to keep my ankles warm and to complete my holiday jeans style. Don’t booties look amazing with cropped denim?

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An Easy Guide To Layering With Dresses

I’m back with another dress layering post because I’m that committed to rocking my dresses all cold season long (see more tips here). And, it is totally doable. Using an , I’m sharing just how easy dress layering is when it’s cold outside.

Layering outfits is an easy way to make a look more visually interesting. So, when it’s necessary to layer, outfits are so much cooler. Layering without adding unnecessary bulk though? That is always the tricky part.

dress layering

What I’m Wearing:

| Coat () | Scarf (, )

  | c/o

1. Tights are a must

Perfect wintry weather looks begin with tights, especially when wearing dresses. On days that are seriously cold, tights under pants might become necessary too. Under dresses, though, tights add an essential and stylish layer of warmth.

2. Boots are your best friend

From ankle boots to knee-high boots, no shoe can hold down your perfectly layered look like a complementary pair of boots. In this look, I went for my new favorite .

3. A coat (or two) always works

Layering on a coat is an obvious way to stay warm, but a coat can also adds texture, dimension, and hence loads of interest to your look. This season, you can go the extra mile by doubling up on your coats (more on that here).

4. Scarves are essential

A chunky scarf is such an essential layer. It protects your neck (and perhaps even your face and head). With the right scarf, you can add color, print, and texture to your outfit. I went for a monochromatic vibe with my scarf.

Cheers to the Weekend: Restyling a Shirt Dress

Happy Friday! I shot a campaign for a local liquor brand that I love (learn more about that ) recently. I knew I would be taking images for the campaign in the most colorful bar in St. Louis–El Burro Loco. So, I wanted a look that was toned down in color but strong in shape and silhouette. I decided, then, to do a little restyling of my (seen before here) because it met both demands.

restyling joie sephira dress

What I’m wearing:

(on mega SALE, also ) | | Booties ()

Eyes:  | Lip:  (Marfa)

Of course, I was instantly drawn to this dress because of its dramatic puff sleeves. I fell more in love with it because it’s so versatile. It has buttons up the front and the sides for all kinds of styling possibilities. For this campaign, I wore the dress like a tunic over leggings and played with the buttons, by leaving them undone in the front and the sides.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Interested in this dress? It’s available (and on sale) at a few retailers:

H&M x Moschino Collection Launches After Hiccup

H&M designer collections send fashion lovers into a frenzy every year. So, when news broke in April 2018 that the Italian fashion brand Moschino would be this year’s designer collaboration, fashionistas everywhere started outlining their shopping strategies.

If you live in a city with an H&M store offering the collection, you met long lines of people hoping to grab a piece of Jeremy Scott’s wild imagination. For the rest of us, the collection was expected to launch online at 8 a.m. ET, but we were instead met with the following notification for 30 minutes.

H&M x Moschino

After infamous site crashes around major designer collaborations in the past, you wouldn’t expect this to happen in 2018. But, it took H&M about 30 minutes to take the collection live online.

Here’s some of what you can expect to see. But, be sure to check out the entire collection .

| | | | |

Browse the entire

Check out this list of all the major designer collaborations in 2018.

How To Run Errands In Style This Holiday Season

No surprise. Here at Visit-Internet, we think that style is important. We believe that how we assemble outfits communicates something about us, which is inherently personally satisfying. Our style says something about how we think. So, even when running errands, we want that message to be clear and accurate. What’s the struggle then? Balancing comfort with our styles. It’s totally doable though. Keep reading for my errand style formula.

errand style

What I’m wearing:

c/o | | c/o | | c/o |

Eyes:  | Lip:

Wear Chic Separates As Comfortable As Sweats

I own 3 pairs of jeans that are as stretchy and comfortable as sweats. The thing is these jeans look ten times as chic and more polished than my best sweats. Furthermore, rocking separates makes it easy to hit that fitting room in Tarjayt (or wherever) even though you didn’t intend to shop for yourself nor shop for clothing. You know it’s going to happen, so be ready.

Slip On Shoes You Can Stand Or Walk In All Day

Nothing ruins an outfit (or your entire day) quicker than a pair of shoes that hurt. Ouch. So, for errands, I reach for a sharp pair of sneakers, worn-in flats, or in this case, a super stylish pair of . These are sharp with a modern silhouette. The best part, though, is they’re super comfortable right out of the box.

Add A Bright layer

It’s me. You know I couldn’t resist adding something bright to my errand style. This is a favorite because its Butterscotch color is so cheerful. The coat is also super soft. It feels like you’re wearing a hug. Since it’s belted, it’s easy to put on and take off too.

Reach For A Crossbody Bag For Handsfree Movements

If you’re busy running errands, chances are your hands are busy too. Nothing beats a crossbody bag when you need to move handsfree. See this Louis Vuitton Croisette wallet on chain also worn here and here.

What’s your errand style?

Go-To Pieces For Errand Style: