You Can Never Go Wrong with Gingham

Yesterday, I attended a runway event at Saks here in St. Louis. What was especially cool about the event is I got to be styled in pieces from the brand’s latest collection. Listen, I took one look at those new selections, and I went for gingham. My only tough decision was gingham classics all-over or a just a little gingham? Ultimately, I decided on a fabulous pair of gingham pants paired with a timeless

how to wear gingham classics

Outfit with gingham classics:

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Gingham is such a timeless print because graphic black and white prints go with everything. Additionally, there’s a gingham print to suit every style personality.

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Say Yes to Fun, Colorful, Versatile Separates for Spring

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Spring is officially here! I’m ready to spruce up my wardrobe with some of the freshest styles of the season. I love the colors of spring, from soft pastels to standout brights. I’m especially fond of spring prints, like stripes and florals. Don’t even get me started on the lightweight, luxurious textures that are perfect for warmer weather. Can you tell that I’m excited about spring fashion?

I want to be smart about how I organize my spring style though. I’m looking for fun, colorful pieces that I can wear again and again. Listen, I’m pretty sure I hit the gold mine of easy-to-wear separates when I shopped J.Crew Factory’s recently-launched spring collection. See for yourself!

My spring style essentials:

| | |

At first glimpse, I knew I had to try on the . I immediately envisioned the playful print anchoring tons of spring and summer outfits. When I tried them on and realized they were not only fabulous but comfortable too, I just had to have them.

Spring fashion should be fun. And, what says fun more than mixed prints? Mixing prints is also one of my favorite ways to get more wear out of my print separates. Read more about my secret for making mixed prints look good every time here.

The is a hit with my the because they share a common prominent color, an eye-catching “washed red” hue.

Since it’s still a tad chilly in St. Louis, a jacket is a must. The Schoolboy blazer in linen-cotton is a smart choice because it’s warm enough for right now and lighweight enough for later. Its punchy color makes it a piece I’m going to enjoy reaching for all spring and summer long.

By the way, if you’ve been on the fence about popping your collar (the cool-girl styling trick), this blazer gives you a stylish incentive to just do it.

Sandal season is back! Are you excited too? One of my favorite styles is a with an ankle strap. It’s a perfect complement to ankle pants, dresses, and skirts. The low, block-heel on this sandal makes it comfortable to wear all-day long too.

Switch it up! For those days when I’d like my print pants to shine on its own, I can pair it with a solid top. I’m partial to a classic v-neck white tee. It’s one of those wardrobe must-haves because it goes with E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G.

spring style essentials

My spring style essentials:

| | |

Of course, it’s going to be fun teasing out the many colors in the print pants with different tops.

And, my blazer? I can roll up the sleeves. I can wear it with shorts or over dresses. I’m a fan of styles that offer versatility. You too, right?

Shopping for your spring wardrobe essentials? Now is a great time to stock up! Right now, you can get 60% off women’s sweaters, women’s jewelry, and men’s polos/tees. Everything else is 50% off!

Location: The Muny, St.Louis

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Non-Boring, Classic Sunglasses for Spring

Skinny sunnies. Wrap-around frames. Angular specs. Sunglasses are going futuristic in 2018. If you’re like me and not quite ready to embrace these popular styles, this post is for you. I’m rounding up some pretty cool, classic sunglasses that not only boast style but protect your eyes from the sun as well.

classic sunglasses

Classic Sunglasses:




By the way, I already own the black pair. What can I say? I love a classic silhouette. And, this pair has a little flair with its polished metal details. Here’s how they look on me.

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The Best Candy Stripes to Rock into Spring

I like my polka dots in black and white only, but my stripes? I love ’em candy colored, rainbow hued, just bright! When I first saw today’s featured purple striped shirt, it made me smile. Since I love getting that that joyful vibe from clothing, I purchased it. Just like that, my collection of candy stripes grew.

Candy Stripes

What I’m Wearing:

| |  | Shoes ()

 c/o |

For my first time wearing this purple striped shirt, I wanted it to pop. So, I wore it with all white. Remember my Denizen white ankle jeans (seen before here)? They’re a perfect partner for for these purple stripes.

This year, I’m trying to dress up my style more. So, I added my white blazer to give the casual combination a bit more polish. I think it did the trick.

Location: Mural at KDHX, St. Louis

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Affordable Ways to Lounge in Style this Weekend

Looking forward to a day when you can be lazy and stay in your pajamas all day? Me too! I can picture it now. Catching up on all the shows I didn’t have time to watch during the week. Discovering some new-to-me Netflix originals. Continuing that book I only made it halfway through. Have a day like that in your future? Affordable loungewear can take the experience to new comfy-style levels. So, I’ve rounded up some fly options in this post.

affordable loungewear

My loungewear: | 

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