How to Ease a Little Red into Your Valentine’s Day Style

Red has become one of my favorite colors to wear. It’s such a power color. So, if Valentine’s Day offers an excuse to sport head-to-toe red, I’m here for it. If, however, you’d like to separate yourself from the sea of red on Valentine’s Day, you can get creative about easing a little red into your look. I’ve discussed adding pops of red using accessories (see that post here). Today, the spotlight is on fabulous separates in stunning red prints.

Anthropologie top (, ) |

 (on sale) |

Red Prints

I found today’s in the Valentine’s shop at . I was immediately drawn to its vertical stripes in a striking combination of red, navy, and black. That color combination expands the styling opportunities. I chose to wear it today with a navy top, but it’ll look equally fabulous with red, black, or white.

What I love most about pleated midi skirts (shop mine ) is that they wear effortlessly and move magically.

Location: St. Louis Galleria Mall

Shop red prints:

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