How to Rock the High-Fashion Fanny Pack

You know those childhood photos that you find utterly embarrassing? One of mine captured me on my way to a Carnival parade in St. Kitts. The outfit was mostly cool, but I was wearing the largest fanny pack I have ever seen. Every time, I look at that photo, I wonder, “how in the world could I have thought that bag looked cute?” Now, many years later, I’m a fan of fanny packs again.

Still on the fence about fanny packs? Rock me with for a second. The belt-bags of today don’t have to look like the fanny packs of back in the day. If you want that throwback, more sporty style, you can certainly find it (like , , and ). If you’re open to a modern, more high-fashion vibe, then today’s post is for you.

What I’m Wearing:

Blanket scarf via  (gifted)| | (c/0) | Pumps (, )

 |  | Earrings ()

Like many, I’ve been quite fond of all things Gucci since Alessandro Michele became the brand’s creative director. I delayed purchasing a bag, though, because I was drawn to the “IT” bag (see it ) and usually try to avoid purchasing those. Their popularity tends to fizzle as fast as it grows. And, it’s a pricey purchase.

After months of weighing options, I decided on the . Why? Its versatility is appealing. The bag’s detachable chain strap and attached key ring allows me to wear it in multiple ways (at least 5), including as a fanny pack. So, I get the belt bag look without any commitment since I can wear it differently. For tips on saving for pricier purchases, check out this post.

fanny pack

What I love most about fanny packs is the convenience of the completely hands-free bag. I’m also loving that they can function as belts, cinching the waist or adding perfect finishing touches to a look.

In this look, I wanted my belt bag to tie the outfit together, literally and figuratively. While the bag adds a nice finishing touch, it’s also holding my blanket scarf together as a poncho. I was gifted this oversized plaid scarf at an event at , a small boutique in St. Louis offering styles that effortlessly mix and match. If you’re local, you can find this scarf in 3 prints for $25 there.

Location: Downtown St. Louis

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