What’s in My Bag: Total Solar Eclipse

All the excitement about the total solar eclipse has totally piqued my interest. It’s a really cool day to be living in St. Louis too. Today, for the first time since 1442, St. Louis (and my part of the city in particular) will be in the path of totality. So, we get to see the moon completely cover the sun. Here’s what’s in my bag to commemorate and experience this awe-inspiring moment in history.

My bag: .

I purchased this backpack for travel (see more here), but I’ve been relying on it as an everyday bag when I need to stylishly tow many things.

What’s in My Bag: Total Solar Eclipse

Certified solar glasses

Camera (to capture the experience not the actual eclipse because I don’t have a solar lens filter)

iPhone 7 (in best  ever)

(and paper to create a pinhole projector)

with water

Total Solar Eclipse



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