5 Essentials You Need to Sport the Athleisure Trend

Athletic-inspired clothing continues to dominate fashion trends this year. I’m not surprised because who doesn’t love comfortable clothing that’s functional? Besides, maintaining your flair for style while rocking the athleisure trend is super easy. Here are 5 essentials already in your closet to help you nail the trend.

athleisure trend

What I’m Wearing:

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5 Athleisure Essentials

1. A baseball cap.

2. A denim jacket.

3. Sneakers

4. Comfortable tees

5. Leggings

Everything in This Summer Collection is Fly and Under $50

Summer is fast approaching. Do you have all your style essentials ready to go? If not, no worries! This from one of our favorite affordable retailers is all that and more. From easy-breezy shorts to the dresses and rompers you’d want to live in, this collection has it all. And, the best part? EVERYTHING is under $50. Want to know what I’ll be doing this weekend? I’m heading to my local store to try everything on. Here are my favorites.

Fly and Under-$50 Summer Fashion Finds

HM Urban Summer Collection

 ($34.99) |  ($12.99) |  ($49.99)

 ($19.99) |  ($29.99) |  ($12.99)

How to Build an Outfit Around an Accessory

Feel like you have nothing to wear? When I feel that way I either buy new clothes (lol!) or get creative with what I already own. And, when getting creative seems like a daunting task, I just start, usually by picking one item to build upon. In today’s post, I’m creating an outfit around an accessory, a .

c/0 () |  (under $30) | (old, ) | Bag ()


Building an Outfit Around an Accessory

When I started planning this look, the only thing I knew for sure was that I wanted to wear this cobalt blue . The repeating square window design on the bracelet has a very modern flavor. So, I wanted to add pieces that echoed that modern vibe. Furthermore, cobalt blue pairs well with several other rich hues but my preferred pairing is white. So, what do I own that’s white and up-to-the-minute? My cinched sleeve off-the-shoulder top!

Now, I take stock. I have a statement white blouse and a statement blue bracelet. Hmm…completing this outfit should be a breeze because this top can pair well with a variety of bottoms. You’ve seen me wear it with . It’ll also complement skinny pants. So, I decided to try on my favorite . And, since jeans were an appropriate option for where I was headed, they worked.

Top? Check! Bottom? Check! Jewelry? Check! Now, it’s time to bring the look home. I love prints, so I opted for a black and white stripe bag that tied all the pieces together.

For shoes, I decided on my old circle lace pumps. They’re blue, black, and white, just the right colors to blend into this look. They also have an all-over dot print. And, well, dots and stripes make magic when right.

Et Voila! How do you build outfits when you feel like you have nothing to wear?

How to build an outfit around an accessory

Location: The Coronado, St. Louis

Talk to the Hands: Breathtaking Bracelets for Spring 2017

It’s getting to that time of year when extreme heat mixed with sweat pose a threat to our favorite fashion baubles. I usually break from wearing my statement fashion necklaces to avoid them becoming tarnished. I rely instead on statement earrings (see my faves ) and breathtaking bracelets. I’m excited to share a new bracelet find and a few others I know you’d love too.

Zenzii Bracelets

My  ($32)

Breathtaking Bracelets for Spring/Summer 2017


5 Simple Ways to Make Cheap Clothes Look Expensive

I’ve been wanting a basic ruffle tee this spring. And, I found a few fabulous options at , , , and . Ultimately, I opted for the under-$20 option because no one would be able to tell that it cost less than $20. Here’s how I work with cheap items to make ’em look like a million bucks.

5 Simple Ways to Make Cheap Clothes Look Expensive

1. Buy simple pieces. I was shopping for a t-shirt with a very simple ruffle detail. If I wanted more intricate finishings, I would’ve been prepared to spend more. This looks just as good as the $200 versions.

| | Sandals ( on sale)


2. Choose natural fabrics. Fabric often accounts for a portion of the price differential among like items. But, some fabrics like cotton offer great quality without being expensive. This particular t-shirt has a fabric blend with 60% cotton.

3. Pay attention to the details. Cheap items can easily give themselves away if they are finished poorly. So, I look closely at the seams and search for any loose threads. On this , I checked to make sure the ruffles were symmetrical.

Cheap Clothes Look Expensive

4. Shop in-store. I declared my shopping preference in . Online photos can sometimes be misleading when capturing quality. So, I prefer to touch and feel items. At first glance in-store, I knew this  tee was all-that. Trying it on only confirmed that.

5. Mix with more expensive items. Of course, we’re fans of high-low dressing here. And, adding high-quality accessories to inexpensive items is a smart and easy move. I got lucky and won this last weekend while participating in a local boutique tour organized by . The necklace was the perfect glam touch to my .