Double Denim with a Fun Gingham Twist

When I purchased the (albeit at 50% off during the Friends and Family Sale), I wanted to make sure it was an item that would complement my wardrobe. So, I got busy planning outfits around the blazer. You saw the first one in the post. Today, the blazer adds a fresh-for-spring twist to a double denim ensemble.

| | | Pumps (old, , )

double denim

My and  (under $30) anchor the double denim portion of the look. Talk about wardrobe staples. I’ve been wearing these items for years because they go with everything.

To break up the blues party, I added a pair of yellow pumps. If you’re shopping for a pair of colorful pumps, I’ve been eying this . It’s available in yellow and a few other super fun colors for spring.

My yellow pumps, however, are an old pair of . They’ve got suede and colorful feathers. I didn’t stand a chance, y’all; I had to have ’em. Hmm…J.Crew shoes haven’t really drawn my interest this season. Not yet, at least.

Location: Coronado Place and Towers, St. Louis


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