5 Fun Ways to Add Color to Your Fall Style

Cheers to colorful fall style! Bright colors are having a moment this fall, and I couldn’t be more excited. Whether you choose to wear a lot or a little, there are so many fun ways to infuse color into your fall wardrobe. These five might be the most fun.

1. Colorful-frame Sunglasses

If you’re like me and already own the essential pairs of sunglasses, like a tortoiseshell pair and a black pair, grab a pair in color. This  by Sicky Eyewear was an easy choice for me because of the beautiful color and oversized cat-eye frame. They’re just so modish. , a favorite among celebrities like Gigi Hadid, JLo, and Justin Bieber, is a luxury eyewear company based in Malibu, CA.



Colorful Fall Style sicky-s6-lavender-sunglasses-2c

2. Coats in Standout Color

Soon enough, we’ll be spending a lot of time in our coats. Why not make it a colorful coat? I’m planning to buy a new coat this year, and I’m currently torn between the and the (both seen below).


| |

3. Flats in Fabulous Color

Step in color! These flats, all available at J.Crew, will ensure that every step you make this fall is colorful. I already own two pairs of J.Crew Sadie flats, and they’re very comfortable (once you figure out your ideal size). I had to size down a 1/2 size for my best fit. Anyway, that below is begging to be my third pair.


| |

4. Nail Polish in Bright Hues

An easy way to rock all the pantone colors of the season is right at your finger tips. Apply one of these fabulous nail polishes and let your hands do all the talking. Colorful fall style is simply a coat of polish away.


| | | |

5. Bright Lipsticks

Fall 2016 runways were surprisingly all about bold color on the lips. Want to get the look? Mac’s new will do the trick. My favorite colors are and I’m actually wearing “Hellebore” above.


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