Gingham Gets Sexy This Spring

This spring, gingham is shaking off its retro vibes. The gingham styles of the season are sexy. They’re edgy. They’ve got loads of attitude. Have you seen this ? What about these ? Yo, gingham is hot in 2016!

Tops: c/o  (on sale, $24)

Pumps: J.Crew (old, want this )

Watch:  (in)
Lip: , 

I simply couldn’t resist trying this new sexy gingham, and since it’s the season to bare shoulders, I found a beautiful . The top, which is on sale for $24, gives the button-up shirt a whole new meaning. It completely opens in the front with buttons. It has pleats. It’s stretchy. It has a big self-tie belt that I have plans to work into other looks.

The first time I wore the top, I paired it with . By the way, I’ve been searching for a pair of white pants that aren’t see-through and don’t crease all over for a long time. This is THE ONE.

I  initially tried on the with my black, , and the silhouettes looked great together. I think the top will pair well with my denim culottes too. I love that I’ll have many styling options with this little belted top.

Sizing? I’m wearing the top in a size 4


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